Hugo del Valle-Inclán Cruces

I am an economist working in the Fiscal Policy Analysis team at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, and a member of ECOBAS and EQUALITAS. In 2021 I obtained my PhD from the University of Vigo under the supervision of Carlos Hervés-Beloso.

My research interests include economic justice, data analysis and coding. Currently I am working on the development and maintenance of the microsimulation model EUROMOD.

One of my working papers won the 2020 Aldi Hagenaars Memorial Award.

You can find my CV here, and contact me at .


In academic journals

Preference Orderings Representable By Utility Functions. Journal of Economic Surveys 33(1): 179-194, 2019 (with Carlos Hervés-Beloso)

Capitalismo y Economía Mundial (in Spanish). The Iberian Journal of the History of Economic Thought 1(1): 97-99, 2014

Working papers

In the media

Privilexios do berce: de como a herdanza pesa máis que o esforzo. Crítica Urbana, No. 16 (in Galician), January 20th 2021

La herencia pesa más que el esfuerzo. Personal interview in the newspaper "Faro de Vigo" (in Spanish and Galician), August 28th 2020

Paraísos fiscales, desigualdad económica y austeridad (in Spanish). Economistas Frente a la Crisis, 2016

La inmigración (legal e ilegal) es buena para la economía (in Spanish). Economistas Frente a la Crisis, 2014

Teaching (In Galician)

Undergraduate (2020-2021)

Undergraduate (2018-2019)